The original Bed Handle Questions and Answers


Will the Bedside Assistant fit on my bed?
The Bedside Assistant will fit on any bed with a standard box spring and mattress as well as most platform beds and water beds.
How do they attach to the bed?
Each handle has two 3-foot-long legs that slide underneath the mattress. No tools required. Sheets stay on.
Do I have to lift my mattress?
No you don't (unless your bed is close to the wall and you are putting the Bedside Assistant on that side).
Why do they stay in place?
(1) They are held down by the weight of your mattress and (2) they are covered with a special "anti-slip" friction material.
How do I change the sheets?
The bars may be pulled out a few inches to make the bed or change the sheets.
How big are the handles?
Each handle extends 15" up from the bottom of your mattress and is 20" wide. The grip area is 7/8" in diameter.
Are they strong?
Yes, they really are adult strength. They won't fail even under a 175 pound static load, each!
So I can lean on the Bedside Assistant while I'm standing?
Yes, and the Bedside Assistant won't tip over or fall down out of reach.
Do I have to lift my legs over the lower handle?
No. Most people pull their legs up through the sitting space.
How can I get my legs onto the bed?
Once you are sitting on the bed, use the bed handles for leverage while you bring your legs up. If you lie down while doing this the bed handles help to keep you from sliding off the bed.
My feet fall over the side of the bed during the night. Will the Bedside Assistant help?
Yes. Position the lower handle so that it will be next to your calves when you are lying down and cover the handle with a pillowcase to create a taut fabric surface.
Why use two handles?
So you don't have to twist to one side as you stand up from the edge of the bed. You can push with both arms like getting up from an armchair.
What if I don't need both handles?
Please install them both anyway. You will unconsciously grab the handles as you are getting in and out of bed. That way the Bedside Assistant will already be there should you unexpectedly need it.
How do I install the security straps?
The soft straps attach to the opposite side of the bed frame without tools.



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